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Teaching Positive Self-Talk

A new She Said, He Said post is coming next week. Eric needed some time off. He told me writing was hard work. I said, ...

19 Apr 2015

She Said, He Said: Our Views On Marriage After 25 Years

When I told Eric we should write a he said, she said post on marriage I was half kidding. He thought it was a brilliant idea ...

12 Apr 2015
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The Cavalry is Not Coming

One night while trying to become less of a Twitter twit I stumbled across a video of Mark Duplass’s keynote speech at SXSW. I thought ...

4 Apr 2015

What Do You Look For In A Leader?

Those that know me well know of my love for children. I enjoy being around them. Their honesty combined with their curiosity about the world ...

27 Mar 2015
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Battling the Ego

I’ve been reading a lot about ego and how it affects my life. My goal is to go throughout my day conscious, grateful, and open ...

22 Mar 2015

Our Adventures in L.A.

I’ve returned from a fantastic trip to Los Angeles! Driving on the freeways, eating in fabulous restaurants and strolling along Santa Monica Pier brought me ...

17 Mar 2015
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Getting my 12 year old son to read is always a challenge but Mystic completely changed his view. This is a great story with a wonderful fantasy adventure.FLMom
A thriller with vivid descriptions that every reader will see in their mind! Conflict, friendship, good vs. evil, love conquers all — it has something that will appeal to all readers, of any age!Debbie
My kids loved reading Mystic and I would highly recommend it to other families. Easy to read and very engaging story. I know your kids will love it as much as mine.Flash