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To decide or not decide. I’m an expert at thinking things over for an indiscriminate amount of time. There’s freedom in deciding not to decide. ...


Commitment Plus Effort Equals Success

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”  William Shakespeare Commitment Next month my husband Eric and I will have been ...


Follow Your Path

There have been many lessons I’ve learned over the years, but one of the greatest is the importance of following your own path. Your path ...


A Funny Christmas Story

A Christmas I will Always remember I don’t write too much about my husband, Eric. Here are three things that tell a bit about him: ...


Thanksgiving Day Changed My Life

I woke up in 2003 Before Thanksgiving Day 2003 I had been asleep, going through the rise and fall of daily life like waves on ...


Joy and Pain

Just as a seed needs sunshine and rain to grow so do we. Pain is the rock in our shoe daring us to take a ...


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Getting my 12 year old son to read is always a challenge but Mystic completely changed his view. This is a great story with a wonderful fantasy adventure.FLMom
A thriller with vivid descriptions that every reader will see in their mind! Conflict, friendship, good vs. evil, love conquers all — it has something that will appeal to all readers, of any age!Debbie
My kids loved reading Mystic and I would highly recommend it to other families. Easy to read and very engaging story. I know your kids will love it as much as mine.Flash