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It’s the Holidays! 5 Ways to Keep Joy from Escaping Like The Gingerbread Man

I don’t know about you, but this time of year can leave me feeling overwhelmed. Buying gifts, baking cookies, decorating, wrapping presents, planning meals, on top ...

14 Dec 2014

Happy Holidays! The Inspiration Behind ELLE & BUDDY

ELLE & BUDDY will be out in March and I’m very fortunate to have a team of people working with me to help get  ELLE ...

8 Dec 2014

Are you teaching your child to live in shame?

For the past two days I’ve had no voice. I woke up and it was gone followed by my energy level. My first reaction was ...

7 Dec 2014

In Parenting Let Your No Be No

I was at Target the other day waiting in line when I struck up a conversation with a three-year old. She was telling me about ...

30 Nov 2014

It’s Thanksgiving! Let the cooking, eating and bickering begin.

“Lovely family time.” It’s what we say when we get annoyed with each other in the Rausin house. Now that my children are young adults they ...

26 Nov 2014

Life Lessons From Students

Cheers and jeers erupted throughout the classroom as I read the last two pages of MYSTIC. My emotions were running deep. It had been a long ...

23 Nov 2014

Take a look at my books, please.


Getting my 12 year old son to read is always a challenge but Mystic completely changed his view. This is a great story with a wonderful fantasy adventure.FLMom
A thriller with vivid descriptions that every reader will see in their mind! Conflict, friendship, good vs. evil, love conquers all — it has something that will appeal to all readers, of any age!Debbie
My kids loved reading Mystic and I would highly recommend it to other families. Easy to read and very engaging story. I know your kids will love it as much as mine.Flash