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A Puppy Reunion

Sometimes an opportunity presents itself, and you know you have to act. December of 2015 I heard about a mama and her seven puppies who needed ...

22 May 2016

Blueberry Buckle: It’s What’s For Breakfast

I heard his cries right on time, 6:30 am. when my sweet Smudge greets the day. We have had the same morning routine for months. ...

15 May 2016

May 7 – One Act of Kindness Day

Whenever I cross the Cape Coral Bridge connecting Ft. Myers to Cape Coral I’m reminded that I live in paradise. I look out across the ...

1 May 2016


I remember standing outside the cafeteria waiting for the bell to ring. Someone handed me a piece of paper folded into a square. It read, ...

23 Apr 2016

How An Act Of Betrayal Led Me To Kindness

The past sixteen months have been the most challenging for me since 2003 when my children were in the car accident that changed our lives. ...

13 Apr 2016

Our Scars Don’t Define Us, They Empower Us

My sunglasses are essential. I keep better track of them than my cell phone. I have a pair I wear daily and a backup pair ...

3 Apr 2016

Take a look at my books, please.


Getting my 12 year old son to read is always a challenge but Mystic completely changed his view. This is a great story with a wonderful fantasy adventure.FLMom
A thriller with vivid descriptions that every reader will see in their mind! Conflict, friendship, good vs. evil, love conquers all — it has something that will appeal to all readers, of any age!Debbie
My kids loved reading Mystic and I would highly recommend it to other families. Easy to read and very engaging story. I know your kids will love it as much as mine.Flash