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Three Easy Steps to Finding Happiness

Happiness Happiness is something we all want. Yet, I think it’s easy to forget that happiness is something we already have. It can’t be bought, ...

25 Jan 2015
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Acceptance. A Letter to Teens.

We all want to feel accepted. Acceptance is love. We want to feel connected to others and not separate. We want people to like us, ...

18 Jan 2015

Crafting The Perfect Word

Joanna Marple of  Miss Marple’s Musings chooses one word every year that will represent what she wants to be or how she wants to live for ...

11 Jan 2015

Rediscovering Home

I’ve been following Organically Twisted on Instagram for months and drooling over all his creations. Finally, we decided to drive to Naples, which really isn’t ...

4 Jan 2015
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Happy New Year!

Woo hoo! It’s 2015! I spent the first day of January cleaning out the messiest closet in my house. I have to say it felt ...

2 Jan 2015

Sticks and Stones

There’s a scene in the movie Wild where Laura Dern and Reese Witherspoon are in a car and Reese (the daughter) tells Laura Dern (the ...

28 Dec 2014

Take a look at my books, please.


Getting my 12 year old son to read is always a challenge but Mystic completely changed his view. This is a great story with a wonderful fantasy adventure.FLMom
A thriller with vivid descriptions that every reader will see in their mind! Conflict, friendship, good vs. evil, love conquers all — it has something that will appeal to all readers, of any age!Debbie
My kids loved reading Mystic and I would highly recommend it to other families. Easy to read and very engaging story. I know your kids will love it as much as mine.Flash