Tap, tap, tap, “Mrs. Rausin.” Tap, tap, tap, “Mrs. Rausin.” One day I smiled and tapped back before I answered-I couldn’t resist. I wondered where he had learned such a habit. He looked at me with bewilderment and laughed. That’s what my days are filled with, moments of silliness, laughter and sometimes exhaustion because third graders have a tremendous amount of energy.

I am reminded daily of how peaceful my life once was. I used to spend my mornings sipping coffee and typing in silence creating characters, now, I have a room full of them by seven-thirty. “Mrs. Rausin did you know that boy humpback whales sing?” “Mrs. Rausin instead of Mozart can we listen to country music?”  “Mrs. Rausin, you have a pointy nose.”

My mind is a tape recorder playing their precious voices over and over long after I’ve returned home. I feel happiness for the students who have tasted success and are flourishing. I feel sadness for the few who have experienced difficulties at such a young age and I search for ways to help them. These seventeen children have found a place in my heart when I didn’t think I had any more to give. Perhaps that is the lesson life was teaching me-there is always more to give when it comes to children.


Comments to "Teaching"

  1. Erin

    October 6, 2010

    So, you want to teach Kindergarten next year so Braden can have you as his teacher?? 🙂 Love your writings Krista.

    • kdrausin

      October 7, 2010

      Thanks Erin! I can’t believe Braden is starting kindergarten. I found out the hard way that kindergarten is not for me. We had a little incident with a shirt and some scissors one day when I tried to fill in as a sub. I highly recommend Mrs. Norman:)

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