When I close my eyes, I see a giant snowball rolling down a white mountain. I am balancing on top, smiling, running as fast as I can, directing the snowball around trees and boulders, feeling the cool wind sting my cheeks. My heart races, the snowball grows, I am in control. Suddenly, I slip, the snowball consumes me and I am rolling down the mountain gasping for air, frozen with fear, my head spinning, my view of the beautiful mountain gone. I wonder where I will end up. I wonder if I will ever see the beautiful mountain again.

It is in the times of fear and unrest, when I am rolling down the mountain, that I want to run away and hide, disappear, and let the snowball roll on without me. Change has hit me and knocked me off kilter, leaving me questioning all that I thought I knew was true about my life. It is in this time that I realize my view of the mountain and my place on it was all just an illusion. Thinking that I am in control or feeling like I am being plowed over by life, it’s all in my mind. Maybe this is the lesson that change brings, find what is true, find what holds meaning and know that it is constant while life rolls on.


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