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Look to the right again. See my new translation feature? You can read this blog in many different languages. I can practice my Spanish. I’m sure after a week in Barcelona I’ll be fluent.

Today is a special day because my baby girl is 18! Happy Birthday, Arielle. I’ve been reminiscing through old photo albums wondering how it is that my little girl is eighteen already. I’ve discovered a theme throughout the pictures.

Four weeks old - smiling.

8 weeks old - smiling.

17 years old and still smiling!

My wish for both my children is a lifetime full of smiles:)

Many thanks to Eric at Square Dog Photography for the wonderful prom pictures.


Comments to "18 and Smiling!"

  1. Krista

    September 16, 2011

    Little mistake… you must click on the KD Rausin logo at the top of the screen. That will take you to my homepage where you can subscribe. Thanks for your patience while I figure out this new and improved blog.

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    September 22, 2011

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