Right now I’m attempting to wash some towels in our Barcelona washing machine. So far I don’t see any bubbles so I think I may have put the detergent in the wrong place. Sure would be great if I could read Spanish. I’ll think of it as a science experiment. What will happen if I put the soap in this place and turn this knob? Kinda fun.

Last night we went to see Barcelona FC play At. Madrid. Wow! What an experience. First we bought the shirts to show our Barcelona spirit.

We bought our shirts at El Poble which is a short walk from our apartment. Look at what else we found at El Poble.

la casa del Chocolate

We decided to take the subway which was not the best choice.

Hmm I wonder which city will be the first to have a totally accessible subway? We haven't found any in our travels.

(The washing machine is still going. The good news is I’ve seen bubbles. The bad news is… am I supposed to stop it? Will it keep going and going like the Energizer Bunny?)

When we finally reached the subway train everyone was happy to see us.

We weren’t really sure where to get off. We should have followed the crowd because we rode the train to the end of the line.

"Hey, where did everybody go?"

Luckily, the kind woman driving the train let us stay on and repeated over and over which stop we should get off to see the game. I bet she’s a mom. She knew she had to tell us more than once.

When we reached the street we simply followed the crowd of one hundred thousand to the Futbol match. The stadium was massive and it took quite a while to find our specific entrance. There were happy people speaking many different languages everywhere. I tried to keep up with my peeps but Kai pushed Elle through the crowd so fast Eric had to keep waving his arms to let me know where they were.

We found our seats just as the game began. I pulled out my camera. The rain poured and I was very thankful for the roof over our heads.

#10 Messi scored three of the five goals. "Messi!" was heard throughout the stadium.

(It’s still going. Those towels are going to be very clean.)


After the game we stayed and took more pictures. Barcelona won 5-0! Leaving the stadium.

We decided to walk back to our apartment because it was only a little after midnight and only 1.8 miles. We grabbed some cheese sandwiches and gelato for our hike. When we reached Placa d’ Espanya which is where our apartment is located we found lots more people. The La Merce Festival is this weekend.

2:00 am on a Sat. night

Guess which Rausin wanted to stay and listen to the concert? She was outvoted.
Tonight the festival has a fireworks display and something that involves running with fireworks instead of bulls. I think I’ll opt out of the running from fireworks and find a nice spot to sit with some sangria and watch fireworks.

The towels are done! Now all I have to do is figure out where to hang them to dry.

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