I found the best Halloween activity for a classroom. It’s inexpensive, easy, tasty and for those teachers who love to teach writing like me, can be used for a creative writing lesson.

Click here for a picture of what the treat could look like if you had your own magazine and TV show.

Now I’ll show you my version. This is all you’ll need.

1. Bag of oranges

2. Pencil

3. Tooth-picks

4. Orange sherbet

First – and this will be the most time-consuming for teachers since I don’t recommend giving your students knives. Cut off the top of the orange.

Next, scoop out the inside and draw a face or a design on the outside of the orange.

I used a marker so it would show up in the picture.




If the sherbet gets too soft it will spill out of the orange and be a sticky mess. Teachers may want to have a parent volunteer ready to scoop when the sherbet is still frozen.



Two completed jack-o-lanterns right out of the freezer.

They can be eaten at lunch when napkins and spoons are readily available or they can be filled with candy corn instead. I remember using candy corn for a math lesson so you could combine the two and cover math, writing, and a Halloween celebration all at the same time. It’s an educational treat!

Those fourth and eighth grade teachers who are practicing for Florida Writes can use the orange to jack-o-lantern steps for an expository essay. An idea for a narrative essay would be, tell me a story about the time your orange jack-o-lantern came to life.

You could also have your students name their jack-o-lanterns and write a creative story.

Soon, I will post my next Halloween treat idea. It’s my own creation (sort of) inspired by our recent trip to Spain. And bonus… it turned out much better than my Epic Fail cake. Several family members enjoyed every bite.





Comments to "Easy Halloween Treat for a Classroom"

  1. Juan

    October 10, 2011

    Hey that is a great idea. And as long as the kids are not too young it shouldn’t end up being too messy either.

    • kdrausin

      October 10, 2011

      Thanks. You’re right. There was hardly anything to clean up which is a huge plus when you have 15-22 kids and one adult.

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