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I live with three musicians. My husband Eric was attending the Musicians Institute in Hollywood when we met. He plays bass and my daughter plays the piano. My son, Kai, plays the piano, drums, guitar and has the drive to learn any instrument.

The three of them have bazillions of songs on their iPhones and are never without their music. Then there’s me who relishes the quiet, is extremely picky about what I listen to and dreads putting new music on my iPhone. I will listen to the same workout songs at the gym over and over for months until I just can’t take it anymore. Somehow I’m able to sit for hours and type stories and articles but I hate sitting still and searching for perfect songs. My family doesn’t understand at all.

I do, however, like to listen to music and for the most part my children and I have the same taste in songs. We listen to the same local radio stations. Wink 96.9 is now our favorite – here’s why.

It all started two years ago. Whenever, a Daughtry song like September came on the radio my son would turn it up and mention how much he liked their music. Every time I would think to myself that it would be great if Kai could one day meet Daughtry. It’s obvious that Kai is likely to pursue a career in music. He told me he hears music in his head all the time, he writes his own songs and will spend hours practicing various instruments for fun.

Last weekend, I heard that Wink 96.9 was having a contest for tickets to a meet and greet luncheon with Daughtry. I was home making my Halloween treats to feature on this blog and in-between mixing, baking, and taking photos, I was calling 96.9 trying to win the tickets. I was caller number 1, number 5, but never the lucky caller number 9. All weekend I tried and failed. But thanks to a very kind individual at Wink 96.9, Kai had the opportunity to listen to Daughtry, meet the band and have his picture taken with them.

Photo by Will Hutt


Kai listened to Chris Daughtry tell of how he first knew he wanted to be a musician at sixteen. How he sang along to the radio and then eventually joined a band. Kai watched Daughtry perform for our small crowd of about forty and then tell of the thrill of playing to sold out arenas too. Chris Daughtry spoke of how grateful he was to be living his dream and that the most difficult part of touring was missing his family.

When it was over we watched their tour bus drive out of Ballyorny’s parking lot and off to their next gig. For an afternoon Kai had a glimpse into the life of professional musicians. To them it may have been just another stop on a tour but to Kai it was an inspiring message that one day, should he choose, his music could touch the souls of many. I, of course, will be the first to purchase his music on iTunes.

Daughtry’s new album, Break the Spell, is set for release on November 21st.

Photo by Will Hutt


Photo by Shari Brownie Photography

Comments to "It was a Daughtry Afternoon"

  1. Gina Birch

    October 13, 2011

    Krista, Thanks so much for the shout-out to 96-9 WINK-FM. We so enjoy putting on these kinds of events. I loved hearing your story and what a great time you had. You are a talented writer. Keep up the good work.
    Gina B

    • kdrausin

      October 13, 2011

      Gina, thank you for reading my blog and your kind words. We love listening to you on the radio. You’re always so upbeat and happy. It must be because you have such an awesome job.

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