Hugo came to live with us last December after we found him homeless in the Chili’s parking lot. Ollie did not welcome him into the family. It’s been almost a year and the two still have a hate – hate relationship. Here’s what they would say to each other if they could talk.

You are not master of this house. I am. So there, annoying cat.

See these fangs? Go ahead, stick out that tongue again. I dare you.

Ollie: I refuse to look at your ugly face. Hugo: La, la, la, la, I can't hear you.

Hugo: Oh make my day, just try to get by me.

You wouldn't dare smack me.

Yeah, right!

This is my side of the house you noisy beast!

Hugo: I win again. Ollie: You're so lucky she's standing there with that camera. Next time cat... next time.

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