I have been eating a lot of this…

And this…

Here's something I learned - spray the wax paper with PAM before you place the caramel apples down. If you don't they will stick and no one at your party will eat them which means you'll have to. Bummer.

Which means I now need to make up for it by doing a lot of this…

Not as much fun when you're all alone. There I am pretending I don't know someone is taking my picture.

Spinning is the surest way I know to lose pounds quick. I’ve been running for years but it doesn’t compare to a spin class. Sure I may check the clock every ten minutes to see how much longer until it’s over but when it is over I feel great. And because it’s difficult I feel as though I have really accomplished something.

My goal is to attend two spin classes a week over the holidays. I really love pies, muffins, and pizzelles so I figure if I spin I can have as many baked goods as I want. Right?



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