My favorite holiday is coming – Valentine’s Day! I wanted to create a Valentine’s treat that was original and creative. A treat so good everyone would say “You’re the greatest cook ever! How did you think of that?” I like to dream.

I enjoy making cupcakes more than eating them mostly because I don’t care for all the sugary frosting. Weird I know. But I started wondering if I wouldn’t appreciate cupcakes more if they had a treat inside. Like those little hearts that say, Be Mine, and Love u. Wouldn’t it be a great surprise to open up a cupcake and get a message? You could even have a candy that says, Marry Me. That would be the cutest ever! (Especially on Valentine’s Day) It’s a great scene for a romantic comedy. Drats, now I’m picturing someone choking on the candy, throwing it up and destroying the moment – I guess that’s the comedy part.

My mind went crazy with all the ideas of what I could bake inside a cupcake. Then I decided to do some research even though I said I wasn’t going to anymore. And I found Bake it in a Cake. Great minds think alike. She also has a book coming out in October. I have a book coming out in November. She’s also a vegetarian. I’m a vegetarian. It’s always fun finding other bloggers who share the same interests.

Off I went to the market to find those little Valentine’s message candies. Up and down the aisles I searched and nothing. There was a huge display filled with cases of beer, chips and party trays but no pretty little hearts. When I asked one of the employees where they were hiding their Valentine candy, he gave me a look and said “Lady, Valentine’s Day isn’t until February. Have you heard of the Superbowl?” Oi!

When one idea is squelched, I immediately search for another. I happened to be in the cookie aisle and guess what I saw? Animal crackers! Suddenly, I heard this fictional mom in my head say “Go ahead honey open up your cupcake. See what animal is inside.” I’m brilliant! I grabbed the bag and a few other items that might work and headed home to bake.

I plopped everything down on the counter. Arielle and Eric watched and laughed. “Pfft, you’re going to put animal crackers in a cupcake?” And. “Animal crackers are awful unless they are topped with icing.” I didn’t listen to them. What kid doesn’t love those little boxes with the string and all the animals inside? A brownie cupcake is much tastier than a box.

I spent all evening baking and putting different treats inside my brownie cupcakes. When I finished I received a “They’re fantastic!” and a “Oh, they’re really goooood!” From the same two people who laughed at me. Arielle even volunteered to take all the cupcakes to school to share with her friends. I happily obliged. Yep, I experiment and bake goodies but don’t want them around the house afterwards.

I was happy I finally made something that received such high praise, however, I was glowing inside when this single cupcake/ experiment/ brilliant idea of mine actually worked.

"Look it's a camel inside my brownie cupcake!"

Soon I’ll post the recipe with pictures of my brownie cupcakes with a candy bar surprise inside. They really did turn out great thanks to Bake it in a Cake.







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