My plan was to retake some of my workout pictures from the gym and show the new shoulder and ab exercise I learned. But my plan didn’t go as… well… planned. I discovered two things.

  1. I am very picky when it comes to pictures taken of me in my exercise clothes. I have a new appreciation for sweaters and long pants. They can hide what tank tops and tight shorts can’t.
  2. Trying to take pictures at home is a lost cause because my animals have a need to be near me at all times. And because I have many animals my house is quite messy and I can only crop photos so much.

I wanted to show that the same exercises I do at the gym can also be done at home. I grabbed a mat and two three pound hand weights. Threw the mat on the floor, handed Arielle my camera and laid down. This is what happened.

Ollie suddenly needed to tell me a secret. Nahla waited patiently by the couch. She was embarrassed by the sneakers some slob left on our living room floor. (They're mine.)

Just when I thought Ollie had finished.

He thought of something else. He told me I could burn more calories by taking him for a walk.

Finally, I was able to do a few ab exercises in peace. First you put your feet on the ball. Then you raise your keester (buttocks) in the air and move the ball towards you and then away from you. Repeat this movement twenty-five times. Be sure to hold in your stomach – squeeze those abs! Try to complete four sets of twenty-five.

You know why all the models in the fitness magazines are smiling? Because they're not really doing the exercises. Go ahead and try to smile for a picture while doing this. Doesn't work.

Since Ollie interrupted me inside, Arielle and I went outside to finish our fitness photo session. I tossed down the mat and weights and ran back in for the ball. When I came out this is what I saw.

Merlin and Max wanted to give it a try. Turns out cats love yoga mats. Even the giant red ball didn't faze them. They refused to move.

So… I went inside and ate a hot fudge sundae. (Not really.) But I wanted to.



Comments to "Dogs, cats & exercises… oh my!"

  1. kathie gilmore

    February 15, 2012

    hi you gave me your blog address today at the gym so I’ve been checking out your blog. Thanks so much and I’ll ask around about the kittens. Kathie

    • kdrausin

      February 16, 2012

      Thank you, Kathie:)

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