As promised here’s my new Valentine’s Day treat.

Remember that day when I went searching for the candy conversation hearts at Publix and they laughed at me because it was too early – it was all about the Super Bowl? Then I had to use animal crackers in my cupcakes because I couldn’t find the conversation hearts…

Well, that same day in the dollar section of Target I found little pink heart ice-cube trays. Two for a dollar. I picked them up and had this little conversation in my head that said… Do you really need these? … Little heart-shaped ice how cute, they’re only a dollar and they’re adorable. Why not? I brought them home to the rolling of eyes. Seriously, heart-shaped ice cubes, mom? That’s what they were thinking. I live to amuse my teens.

Jump ahead a couple of weeks to chocolate pretzel making day. I saw the little heart shape and wondered if I could make my own unique chocolate treat. I decided to experiment. I added chocolate and then a conversation heart, M&M, and purple sugar just for fun. Notice how I only made three. At this point I wasn’t sure if I’d ever get the chocolate out of the tray.

I did and it worked! Yay, for me. But the chocolates were upside down so I decided to try again. This time I put the M&M and conversation hearts at the bottom of the tray.


Notice my baking confidence. This time I used the entire tray.


Chocolate awesomeness with a message.

This is an easy inexpensive treat for a classroom, Valentine’s Day party, or even a bridal shower or wedding favor. If you personalize the M&M’s and place them on top of the chocolate (example above) they could have the wedding date or bride and groom’s names on them. OR … If anyone is thinking about a proposal why not have the words, Marry Me? written on the M&M. Now that would be uber cute especially on Valentine’s Day.

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