Today I learned that dress down day in middle school should really be called teacher beware day. Wow! The energy in every class was difficult to keep balanced. Amazing how the slightest change in a routine (uniforms) can make students react uniquely to their eniviroment.

But isn’t that necessary in every aspect of life? Changes in a routine adds color and newness to what can become a mundane exhistance. With change comes creativity. And oh, were those middle school students creative today!

With change comes reflection and learning. This evening we said good-bye to two of our foster kittens. Even though my goal has been to find them loving homes, there are two less kittens meowing at my feet and two less kittens chasing a ball across my living room floor.

As a parent there is a part of me that wants to protect my kids from feeling the sadness that change can bring. Protect them from the pain. At the same time I want my children to embrace the joy change can create when traveling or leaving behind weathered habits. Knowing that life is unfolding for them and they are beginning to experience the ups and downs of young adulthood is scary for me. I can’t protect them from what is to come. All I can do is let them know that everything changes and that’s why it’s best to live in the moment and enjoy.

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