If you give a mouse a cookie it’s nothing compared to giving a teenager a camera. Arielle had some friends over for a spaghetti dinner before the midnight showing of The Hunger Games. I gave her my camera and told her to take some pictures for the blog.

I had planned on writing a nice short piece about seniors graduating and making memories with the last few weeks of school they had left. Something sentimental and heartwarming. That’s what I had in mind… and then I saw the pictures.

Here’s one picture with everyone smiling. Guess who took it? Yep, me. Right before I disappeared to fold laundry.

What a wonderful group of teens. After they cooked the meal they brought a plate full of spaghetti, buttered bread and vegetarian meatballs upstairs for me to nosh in between folding.

Actors, musicians, athletes and excellent students make up this group. They,  and others who are missing from the photo, have gathered at our home for movie nights, Halloween parties and adventurous kayaking over the past four years. I’ve watched their friendship grow through their support for one another and their endless teasing. They have brought a tremendous amount of joy into our home and I will miss their smiling faces next fall.

Soon they will wear their caps and gowns and end one journey and begin anew. I know they will all succeed because they have learned the importance of friendship.

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