• Even when my mind screams no, I don’t want to run I just have to put one foot in front of the other until I feel better. Keep going!
  • When I look up at the TV’s and see reality shows or the news I’m a lot less motivated than when I watch athletes or ads for fitness videos. Surround myself with positive influences.
  • When someone runs next to me I work a little harder. Sharing similar goals with another person motivates me.
  • If I listen to the same music every day I get bored and don’t push myself. However, just one  funky holiday song in September (Glee Christmas album-All I want for Christmas) can make me run much faster. Add a fresh twist to a routine and my outlook changes.
  • If I get on the treadmill without a plan of how many miles I will accomplish in a week I always stop at or before 3.1 miles. Never improving. Set a goal to see if I can reach it. Who knows how far I can go?

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