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“We can only be said to be alive when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.” Thornton Wilder

One of the things I love best about being around children is that they are almost always happy. They wake every day with the intention of happiness and the excitement of a new day. They see the world in a different light than adults. Where adults see responsibilities children see opportunities.  Where adults want to try to control their entire universe–a child’s existence is mostly controlled by others yet they still have a sense of freedom.

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Perhaps children are so alive with life because they are conscious of their treasures. Whether that treasure is a Pokémon card, a drawing, a friend, or an ice cream cone, children are consistently aware of their blessings. I guess the question is then, at what point do children become unaware? At what point do they become adults who are so unhappy simply being in their presence is a drain. Did they once enjoy life? Has unhappiness become a habit they can’t break? My heart hurts when I’m around such people only because I’m sad they are missing out on this life and I really don’t know what comes next. It’s very difficult for me to understand that when given the choice of feeling happiness or feeling misery some people choose misery. When given the choice of being kind and building others up, or criticizing and being harsh, some people choose the latter. Criticism crushes souls. Believing in someone gives them wings.

This holiday season I challenge you to see the world like a child.  See it as a place of wonder. Make your heart conscious of your treasures.  See your neighbors and co-workers as people who care about you and care about them in return. Material things can bring a smile when unwrapped but making another person feel appreciated, good about themselves or loved is a gift that is not only priceless but lasts a lifetime.

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