Our family is all together!!

Standing in the airport waiting for Arielle to arrive was a heartwarming experience. There were many of us waiting for loved ones. I watched as people laughed and hugged one another. I think the airport rivaled Disney World as being the happiest place on earth.

We all climbed into the car and headed for the mall. We had three hours before our concert.

Since Kai’s birthday was the next day Arielle decided to help him pick out a new wardrobe. I have no idea how my kids came to care about fashion. Eric and I are still wearing clothes from the 90’s.

I tried to convince them to have their picture taken with Santa but they pooh-poohed that idea along with my brilliant suggestion that we all dress in footie pajamas for our holiday card. They said we’d end up in the next AWKWARD FAMILY PHOTOS book.

After a delicious dinner at the Cheesecake Factory we headed to our concert. I found out earlier that day that it wasn’t really an orchestra we were going to see. The conversation between Eric and I went something like this…

Me: Do I need to dress up for the concert?

Eric: No! Jeans are fine.

Me: (Relieved but unsure) Really? We’re going to see an orchestra?

Eric: (Laughing because he bought the tickets two months ago.) Have you heard any songs from Trans-Siberian Orchestra?

Me: Umm…well…I think you played one of their songs for me…once…

Eric: We’re going to a rock concert, baby! A rock concert with a story.

Me: Huh?

What a marvelous, beautiful, spectacular, holiday rock concert it was! Wow! I had never seen anything like it. The lights and fire together with the music and the violinist jamming high above the audience… I was amazed! Eric was right, there was a beautiful story narrated in between songs. A story that left me wondering who the author was because it touched my heart and got me thinking about how I could make a difference for children who have special wings. I loved that line mystery author…whomever you are.

We arrived home late that night. All of us exhausted and happy to be all together again. We still haven’t decided on a holiday photo. It looks like I’ll have to send Happy New Year cards.

MYSTIC Update: MYSTIC will be available either the very end of December or early January. As soon as I have a date I will post it. The cover is amazing! Timothy Banks did an incredible job. I can’t wait for you to see it!

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