MYSTIC’s book birthday was yesterday January 5, 2013!

You can purchase a copy through CreateSpace or Amazon. The Kindle version is coming soon.


I have to give a huge shout out to Beth, Ashley and Chris from Project Team 1 at CreateSpace. I decided January 5th was the perfect book birthday for MYSTIC and I begged and pleaded and offered chocolate (not really) to the Project Team to make it happen. They did! I am very grateful to them.

Why was January 5th the perfect date? Well, it began on January 5th, 1912 when Virginia Titus Keen was born–My grandmother. She was very, very special to me. Eric and I got married on her birthday in 1996. Ten years later while writing MYSTIC I decided to make January 5th the main character’s birthday as well. Virginia Keen was the first woman Elder in the state of New Jersey, a strong compassionate woman. Amelia, from MYSTIC, is the same. My grandmother passed away in 2006 and I miss her every day. MYSTIC’s book birthday of January 5th is in her honor.

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    • kdrausin

      January 14, 2014

      Thank you, Jordan.

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