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Caloosahatchee_River_bridge Caloosahatchee River bridge

Valentine’s Day is on its way! I say let’s spread the love to everyone. Let’s make the holiday more than loving just our immediate family. I read an article the other day that said Americans are lonely especially older Americans. Living in Cape Coral I can say that it is all too often I see an elderly person sitting alone in a restaurant.

This Valentine’s Day do something in your community or online that shows people you care. Compliment someone, buy a few desserts and take them to your local police or fire station with a note of thanks, or write a kind letter to your child’s teacher. Reach out to your neighbors who live alone. Bring a bag of dog or cat food to your local shelter. Tell friends on Facebook about your favorite restaurant or local boutique. Or you can get creative and do something like the following person.

Cape Coral has three bridges connecting to Ft. Myers. There is a $2.00 toll on two of the bridges leading into Cape Coral. Several months ago, I was crossing the bridge from Ft. Myers and as I came to the toll with my $2.00 the woman told me it was already paid by the car in front of me. I was shocked. I had no idea who the person was. Suddenly, I was overcome with a feeling of joy and awe that a stranger would offer such kindness expecting nothing in return. I decided to pay it forward. Now, every so often I will do the same. I’ll pay for the car behind me. I get giddy and imagine the stranger’s surprise. I hope that they too feel the joy I felt. To me, that’s what Valentine’s Day should be about–spreading love to those in our community.

Having just published a book I have had a lot of love and support from friends. Getting the word out about a new book can be a challenging process if you’re not a major publishing house or a celebrity. Many people on Facebook have helped me by sharing links. I’ve been invited to do school visits. I’ve received two wonderful reviews. One anonymous and one from the Daily Dose (Rob) at the Reeve Foundation.

I’m going to start my spreading the love campaign by spreading the word and including  links to organizations that are dear to my heart. These organizations show love to children, animals, and veterans. If you decide to join in and help spread the love in your community please let me know on Facebook or in the comments section of this post. February 14th can be a day of giving and showing love for everyone. Afterall, it really doesn’t take diamonds to make people happy. Chocolate…maybe… but not diamonds.

Organizations I love:

The Reeve Foundation Brittany’s Hope the Elephant Sanctuary

And one I just read about…Mission Continues

And of course where we found our Buddy: Gulf Coast Humane Society

For more Spreading the Love ideas check out Flowering Minds.


Comments to "Spreading the Love"

  1. Joanna

    February 6, 2013

    Love this, Krista.

    I support the Rocky Ridge Refuge, whose FB page is – https://www.facebook.com/rockyridgerefuge?fref=ts

    and Born Free, whose FB page is – https://www.facebook.com/bornfreefoundation?fref=ts

    • kdrausin

      February 6, 2013

      Thank you for sharing these pages, Joanna. I will check them out. And a bit off topic… I started reading Endangered today. Oh my, my heart hurts yet I’m hooked.

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