FCAT Stress

There are four letters that when placed next to each other are sure to cause stress in teachers. FCAT stress is running high this time of year. I see it on the teacher’s faces when I go into schools. FCAT Florida Writes is next week followed by math, reading and science FCAT in April. I have been there done that and I can say it was one of the most stressful times of my life. I loved being with the kids, had many supportive parents, but the pressure of the test was with me from August through March. Believe me, if teachers were allowed to spend more time creating their own lessons and less time on FCAT prep everyone would be much happier and kids would be more inspired to learn.

Teachers, thank you for all you do for students. Soon the test will be behind you and there will be more time for creative lessons.

Here’s my you know it’s FCAT time if….for teachers. Feel free to add more in the comment section or on facebook.

1. You know it’s FCAT time if… You feel like your head is going to explode if one more student forgets to go back through the reading passage and underline and number.

2.  You know it’s FCAT time if…There are no more bags of peppermints left at the grocery store.

3. You know it’s FCAT time if… Your student brings in a note saying their family is going on a ski vacation.

4.You know it’s FCAT time if…  You’re wondering why you’re spending an hour sharpening pencils when there are essays to grade.

5.You know it’s FCAT time if…  Teachers walk down the hallways squinting and muttering to themselves.

6.You know it’s FCAT time if…  Your elementary school decides to have a pep rally.

7.You know it’s FCAT time if…  You consider applying for a job at Target because the employees are always happy and they have a Starbucks.

8.You know it’s FCAT time if…  You find yourself repeating “Did you check your work?” whenever someone hands you a piece of paper.

9.You know it’s FCAT time if…  You stay up late at night searching online for anything that you might have missed that could be on the FCAT.

10. You know it’s FCAT time if… Your student that you just pray will get a two and pass third grade tells you they really think they’re going to get a five on the FCAT. You wonder if all you’ve done to build this student up will come tumbling down with one test score and next school year it will be up to another teacher to put all the pieces of a shattered self-image back together again…

First you have to believe you can climb a mountain before you will ever begin to try.

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