Buddy mini pic Buddy and I have been together for almost nine months. He follows me wherever I go and if I feel I need absolute solitude to write I must lock the door because otherwise he opens it right up with the rest the pack and usually a cat or two behind him.

The difference in Buddy from June 29th 2012, when we first brought him home, until now is amazing. He trusts us. It took months before he would actually look into our eyes. He would always listen and was very well-behaved but we all felt something was missing. We didn’t know what it was until suddenly the connection was made. His gaze told us he knew he was home. No more shelters, no more bouncing around from place to place. We are is family.

Yesterday, I sat at a table for hours signing books and listening to the stories of strangers. Some approached me with reserve and asked questions about Mystic and others opened right up and told me stories of their life. Kids from schools I visited ran up and gave me hugs and several brought their parents to meet me. I was touched. I felt honored to be let into their lives even if only for a few minutes. I realized that as they walked away with Mystic in hand they were taking a part of me with them. And for the few minutes that I listened to them I was learning to trust that like Buddy I have found my home in sharing my writing–myself with others.

Buddy’s picture book is coming soon!

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