Wisdom Wednesday: Energy

Being aware of the energy you add or take from interactions is a sophisticated technique that radically changes the outcomes of the conversations that fill your day. Seth Godin

I like to surround myself with people who have high positive energy levels. They motivate me and intrigue me. My husband, Eric, is such a person. He walks into a room with his smile and slight bounce in his step and his energy is felt by everyone. My good friend Elena is exactly the same. They carry a light within that shines so bright you can’t help but smile and laugh when in their presence. What makes them so electric? Their thoughts…their outlook on life. Both of them love new experiences and love meeting people. While there is a certain comfort in being with them–I know they’ll do most of the talking. I learn from their example. Watching them inspires me to come out of my Hobbit hole behind the keyboard and let go…smile and find the common thread that connects me to strangers. It’s all in how I choose to view others. It’s been my experience that happy, content people see their similarities to others while those who live in discontent see their differences.

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