Love. I feel it deeply for people, animals, nature, life, but I have a lot of trouble expressing my love in any other way except through writing. As much as I love and cherish my husband and children I have to remind myself to say the words, “I love you.” 

Imagine my surprise when I was doing an author visit with 6th graders and as the students switched classes the teacher called out the door, “Love you!” Wow, what a teacher! As soon as she said it a warm feeling overcame me and I knew her students were lucky to have her. She probably knows that some of her students may have never heard those words before.

photo from wedding

Yesterday, Eric and I went to a wedding. We sat outside and watched a young couple vow to love each other for the rest of their lives. It was beautiful. Later a friend of ours mentioned how much he loves weddings because everyone is happy. It’s a day filled with moment after moment of love and those of us who have been married for years are reminded of our own wedding days and the commitment we made to each other.

However, yesterday I was also reminded of all those who love each other but are not allowed the same rights to marriage. I ask myself who are we to judge who shall love and be recognized and who shall love and not be recognized? Love is love.

I realized that even though I may not have told my children enough how much I loved them I did teach them about love.

This is a video Arielle created for a final project in college. The music in the second half of the video was written by my son Kai. I don’t know what makes me more proud, the fact that they see the hearts of others and believe in equal rights or the fact that they worked together as siblings. She called him and asked “Can you write a song for my video?” Once little children–now young adults. Family and friends. My heart shines.

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