Heavenly Peach Pops

heavenly peach pop

Here is the website that gave Eric the inspiration for his peach pops. CBS New York.

Last June we purchased a Zoku. The kids and I had fun experimenting.

Eric decided to add a little zing to the pops!


Eric made a kid and Krista friendly version without the bourbon and one boozy bourbon pop. I thought the kid version was quite tasty. It’s so quick and easy to enjoy a popsicle dessert with the Zoku. And they didn’t pay me to say that!

I’m going to be a little lazy and simply add my pictures to this recipe. If you have a Zoku Quick Pop Maker it only takes twelve minutes to freeze!

Peach deliciousness.

peach mush2


zoku and peach

Peach pop2
This is adorable!

I’m excited to announce that MYSTIC was featured in ibpa independent this month! Imagine my surprise when I opened the magazine and saw my book cover! I was all smiles! Also MYSTIC can now be purchased through kobo and Barnes&Noble nook. Thank you for all of your support. Every time I get a letter or an email from a student telling me they can’t wait for the sequel my heart shines. Thank you!

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