Monkey Cupcakes

3 cupcakes one little monkey

These are very easy to make! I saw a picture of the cupcakes in the Wilton catalog and then found the mold at Michaels. I didn’t take the time to use different colored chocolate (yellow and green) but I still think they came out adorable. The cupcakes would be perfect for a party or an added treat with a read-aloud. Perhaps BOBBY the BOLD by Donna Jo Napoli and Eva Furrow. Illustrated by Ard Hoyt.

Here’s what you will for monkey cupcakes

First, make the cupcakes and let them cool.

cupcakes baking

Next, melt the chocolate chips. I used a microwave and stirred the chocolate in between 20 second intervals. Pour the chocolate into the monkey mold and refrigerate for fifteen minutes.
Then add the green food coloring to the vanilla icing and spread over the cupcakes. Now you’re ready to make your trees. In the package pictured above there are only three green gummies. This will not be enough for 18 cupcakes. You may want to look for a bag of all green candies or simply have different colored trees which would be very cute too.

pretzel tree

Turn the mold upside down over wax paper. The monkeys should pop right out. If they don’t they may not be done. Gently tap the back of the mold. If they still don’t fall out put them back in the fridge for five minutes. Use leftover chocolate to attach the monkey to the pretzel. I had some extra red chocolate I used as glue.

chocolate on the back of pretzel

The leaves are easy to take on and off the pretzel because they are sticky. Finally, place the pretzel in the cupcake to create a hole. Remove the pretzel and pour a small amount of chocolate in the hole to hold the pretzel. You’ll have to wait for the chocolate to harden and hold the pretzel upright. You can prop up the cupcakes against something while you wait.

I had a young helper with me and she found the mustache chocolate mold and had to give it a try. Here’s a blast from the past post from the last time the mustache mold was used.

mustache cupcake

When the chocolate dries they’re ready to serve. Enjoy!
two little monkeys

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