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I’m strange. I know that and I’m finally coming to a point in my life where I’m accepting it. I don’t think like most people or so it seems to me. I have an ability to tune out the world and enter my own in a split second. I can be talking about one subject and immediately switch to another leaving any listeners confused. I start speaking out loud and then finish my sentences in my head not even realizing my mind has moved on and whomever I’m speaking to is still waiting for the end of my thought.

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My Top Ten Weird Qualities

  1. I don’t kill (or try very hard not to kill ) bugs or insects. Yep, any critters that get in my house I have a catch and release policy. Last week I got a very strange look from our pool guy when I had to explain why there was a huge wasp nest outside our garage.
  2. I’m no fun at parties. I can’t seem to drink more than two drinks before feeling very sleepy and just wanting to crawl into bed.
  3. I must be comfortable at all times. You can dress me up but not for long!
  4. I make lists about being weird.
  5. When I’m on a road trip it’s painful for me to see chickens, cows, and pigs being transported to slaughter houses. They are on their way to a violent death and there’s nothing I can do to stop it so I say a prayer for them.
  6. If I feel someone is hurting a child, either physically or emotionally, I get really, really angry–quick! For those of you who have read MYSTIC, it’s the Winston in me. Or the me in Winston.
  7. When I’m in the middle of completing a task I become very focused and hate to be interrupted. For this reason Eric will purposely grab me and hug me, making me stop what I’m doing. He knows it will result in a “Grrrr!” This makes him laugh.
  8. I growl.
  9. Somewhere deep down I have a sense of humor but it only comes out in the oddest of moments.
  10. Using a porta potty scares me more than holding a snake.

Ellen is awesome! Here’s the perfect video to go with the title: Embrace Your Weirdness

“I had the craziest thing happen to me this morning. You want to hear it?….” Love it! Poor Lauren.

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