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While perusing Pinterest I found a piñata cake. I had to give it a try. Here’s the original version and recipe.

Claire K. Creations: Lime & Macadamia Piñata Cake! 

I’m not really a cake person. I’d much rather have a big bowl of ice cream but this cake was amazing!

Claire’s already done all the work so pop on over to her page for the print-out recipe. It’s yummy!

My first idea was to have a Back to School cake. I was thinking something along the lines of having a treasure chest on top and then yellow M&M’s as the gold treasure. The classroom theme could be: You are all treasured in Mrs. Rausin’s class or Knowledge is better than a treasure full of gold or Unlock the treasure of knowledge…

From there I jumped to a rainbow cake: Pinterest has many rainbow decoration ideas for the classroom.

Now, here’s the problem. I’m not a cake decorator. Neither is Eric who decided to help me. This is what our conversation sounded like…

Me: I’m trying to think of a rainbow classroom theme.

Eric: Why? I just think we should make a great tasting cake. How about decorating it all white?

Me: I need a theme. I want it to look pretty. I’m not going to eat it.

Eric: <sigh>

We began with the rainbow idea.


Rainbow cake!

rainbow cake

Fondant may look prettier but this icing tastes waaaaay better!

Since the rainbow didn’t turn out quite as envisioned we decided to go for a tie-dye look. We grabbed some toothpicks and began swirling. Like I said…we are not cake decorators.

colorful cake

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  1. Jamie Ayres

    July 22, 2013

    Yum is right . . . may have to steal this idea 🙂

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