Sometimes the pain is so great it’s easier to hear the voice of another instead of your own. We adopted Nahla from Animal Control in 2001. Arielle was seven and Kai was three. Yesterday was Nahla’s last day with us. She was fifteen.

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Ollie’s Goodbye to Nahla
When I first met you I was scared. You were grown and I was just a lil pup. But you licked my head and nudged my nose and I knew you were my big sister.
You taught me how to go through the doggie door, beg for treats and bark at strangers. You kept me company during thunderstorms.
I loved our game of tease by sitting outside the glass door and then running away just as it opened.
One day without a whimper you laid down. I drank from your water dish and nudged your nose but you wouldn’t get up.
That night I waited for you at the glass door and begged you to come run with me but you didn’t come.
I watched as mommy carried you to the car and I barked and barked calling your name. Did you hear me?
Later, mommy came home…alone. I’m waiting. When will I see you again?
I’ll keep Buddy company while you’re gone.
Thank you for being my big sister. I miss you.

Practice pictures July30 001

Comments to "Ollie’s Goodbye to Nahla"

  1. Rob

    July 26, 2013

    This is an incredible and heart-breaking piece.

    It is this very experience that has kept me from replacing Sam the Dog for the last 15 years.

    Consider a piece on why it’s worth it even will the inevitable heart-break.

    Very sorry for your loss.


    • kdrausin

      July 26, 2013

      Thank you, Rob. I looked into Nahla’s eyes and talked to her as she passed. I saw her pain turn to peace. Today, after I wrote this post I glanced out the kitchen window and spotted the new feral kitten that has found our home. He was chasing a butterfly. I smiled. New life full of wonder! Beautiful. I suppose this is part of the reason to adopt again–to feel the excitement of new life in a puppy or the admiration and loyalty of a rescued dog. Because once you experience the loss of a friend (Sam the Dog) you appreciate life all the more. Krista

  2. Kathie

    July 26, 2013

    Your piece brought a lump to my throat. So sorry for your loss but I know she had much love in her life so she was very fortunate.

  3. Debo

    July 27, 2013

    Oh what a beautifully written story in the eyes of Ollie. As I read this tears filled my eyes, then brought back memories of my poodle Pierre (my childhood dog) then of Misty-Mae my beloved white lab. Reading this has given me peace of mind for when Busters journey one day comes to an end & how Sugar will be confused / lost & broken hearted. Gods peace to all our beloved fur-babies. Thank you for sharing Ollie’s story.
    Blessings to you & your beautiful family!
    Luv yah, Debo

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