I love traveling especially to other countries where everything is different. After a few months at home I feel the pull to plan an adventure whether it’s a weekend trip or overseas. Getting away from my daily routine helps me see my world more clearly. However, since my daughter has gone away to college, I have a new appreciation for our ordinary days together.

All of us at the dinner table or riding in the car, those are the moments I once took for granted. Eric cooking in the kitchen, Arielle blaring music from her room, Kai on the computer, me reading on the couch surrounded by cats, that’s the ordinary that is extraordinary. In those moments I’m thankful we’re all together and grateful for Eric’s cooking!  I realize that we don’t have to take a trip around the world to feel the every day joy of living. Love is hidden in the ordinary.

The price of invulnerability: Brené Brown at TEDxKC

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