One day a picture on Facebook caught my eye. It was of a giant dog with big floppy ears. The picture was taken by our friend, a photographer, for our local shelter. The caption under the picture said that Buddy was the calmest dog he’d ever met. I didn’t really want another dog, we already had two…but there was something about Buddy.

When we called the shelter we were told Buddy had already found a home. Then two weeks later we received a call. Buddy had been brought back to the shelter. Excited, we hurried over to adopt him. When they found out we had stairs in our home they told us it wasn’t safe for Buddy. He was too large for stairs. Again we were disappointed. Still, I had a feeling that Buddy belonged with us. I waited.

A few weeks later we received another call. Buddy had been moved to a different shelter. Right away we went to visit him. July of 2012 Buddy came home with us.

Buddy made himself right at home. He figured out how to open doors and we discovered how much he loved string cheese! Buddy followed me everywhere. His calm nature showed love to everyone he met.

Oh, the drool! I carried rags with me wherever we went. I had hand sanitizer stashed all over the house. When we rode in the car drool would fly out the window and stick to my car seats. I spent many hours cleaning up after him. I didn’t mind one bit.

I wrote ELLE & BUDDY right after he came to live with us. I didn’t know it at the time that Buddy wouldn’t be around to see his book.

Unfortunately, only seventeen months after he joined our family Buddy was diagnosed with prostate cancer. We did all we could to save him. We had to say goodbye on January 5, 2014.

Buddy was a blessing to our family. He’s greatly missed. His memory lives on in, ELLE & BUDDY. He’ll always be my special Buddy.

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