Love. I stopped at the vet to pick up Roscoe and Smudge’s heart and flea meds. My mind raced with everything on my to-do list. The line to check-out was long. I waited. That’s when an open door caught my attention. A metal table. A towel. A tiny brown body lying still.

I knew.

I had said goodbye to my Nahla in that same room.

Immediately tears filled my eyes. Every thought of all I had to accomplish that day disappeared. Love swept it away.

A young couple walked from the room. “She was my baby.” Tears. Silence.

A woman at the end of the line turned to the couple, “Go ahead of me, so you can get out of here.”

Everyone let them to the front of the line because we all understood. Love. Loss. Pain. Love in remembering.

That feeling when it hits always puts life in perspective. Love reaches from one heart to another. Love is our connection.

Love brings us together.


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