• College Move-in Day!

    Posted on August 24, 2012 by kdrausin in Parenting.

    I’m not really here. I’m on a blog vacation until September…

    So much has happened in the last seven days that I just had to share some photos.

    The University of Illinois is an amazing place! Eric and I wondered why we never chose to have the college after high school experience. What were we thinking? Kai decided he was going to skip high school and head right to college. Arielle was excited, overwhelmed, and ready for her new journey.

    It began with a packed van. We thought our minivan days were over. We we wrong.

    An organized mom would have thought to put all those bags in one big plastic bin. Not me. By the way, if your child is attending a college outside the state in which you live be sure to call your bank and let them know that you’re traveling. If you don’t you could end up in Target having to explain to the cashier that you really do have the money to pay for all the college supplies and you have no idea why your debit card was denied. Embarrassing!

    We pulled up to her new home…

    And panicked… Twenty minutes? The line for the elevator was a mile long. Almost.

    Allen Hall upperclassmen shouted “Welcome!” as we entered the building. They kept the atmosphere electric as incoming freshmen wandered around wide-eyed, nervous, and hoping their parents wouldn’t embarrass them too much. And parents busied themselves pretending they knew exactly how to make a car load of suitcases and boxes fit into a room three giant-steps long – and make it look pretty. All the while pushing down every thought of the first day they brought their baby girl home from the hospital.

    Bins – highly recommended.

    Kai had so much fun unpacking and decorating.

    Much better!

    This picture crossed the line of parent/freshman embarrassment but I just had to.

    Saying good-bye.

    Although I didn’t think to pack in an organized way I did know that I couldn’t hop on a plane the day after my little girl moved away from home. I needed time close by just in case I’m needed. I’m still here in beautiful Champaign/Urbana. Close but not too close. I’m here for her and I’m here for me. I’m easing into the transition of having a half empty nest. Lucky for me a brilliant editor by the name of Emma Dryden has sent me lots of notes on MYSTIC to keep me busy while alone in my hotel room.

    To all the parents around the world (UI has many International students) who are saying good-bye to their college freshmen…. I understand. And when I get home and walk by her empty room - I’ll really understand.

    I’m so proud of the young lady my little girl has become. She’s on her way! And I couldn’t be any happier for her.

    Wherever you go, go with all your heart.  ~Confucius

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  1. Rob G. says:

    Tears! Thanks for sharing. Glad you are surviving. I’ve got 10 more years until this happens to me and I’m dreading it already!

    • kdrausin says:

      I’m surviving but watching the Timothy Green movie yesterday was tough. Ouch!

      Make sure you get a lot of hugs these next ten years. I know you will. You’re a great dad.

  2. Erin Flynn says:

    Crying. So exciting and wonderful to see her all grown up, but when you mentioned walking by her empty room, well, I was a goner. Kudos for raising such an amazing daughter!

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