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When I was a teenager my grandfather told me I should be a writer. At the time I had dreams of becoming an actress. I moved to New York City and then Los Angeles and found that managing apartment buildings was much easier than auditioning.

Life took over and I became a mom at the very, very, young age of twenty-three. Then I realized just how important an education was so while caring for my two children and foster children I went to school in the evenings and eventually received my degree in Behavioral Science with a focus on teaching. The year I began working as an elementary school teacher, my children were in a car accident and my daughter became paralyzed. Life turned up-side down and sideways and diagonal… but we figured it all out. Really, what we figured out was the importance of gratitude. Accidents have a way of putting everything into perspective.

While all this was happening, I was writing – strictly for fun. I journaled daily. I wrote a novel and several children’s books but never considered writing as a career until I stumbled upon a flyer for the Highlights Foundation workshop at Chautauqua.

I remember sitting cross legged on the floor enthralled by every word editor Patti Gauch said. She was giving a speech on how to write children’s fantasy. That night I sat in a rocking chair on a wooden porch gazing at the lake and jotting down characters for my novel, MYSTIC. When I returned home, I spent my weekdays teaching and my weekends creating lesson plans and writing MYSTIC. I missed my family and my house was always a mess.

In 2008 I decided to leave teaching full-time for substituting in order to put a lot more effort towards writing and a little more towards cleaning.

So here I am years later finally realizing what my grandfather knew all along. I’m a writer.

MYSTIC by K. D. Rausin

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  1. kdrausin says:

    Link Above will not post… let’s try this… http://www.hackwriters.com/KDRausin.htm

    • Maribeth says:

      Wow, your story is very interesting. Thank you for visiting my blog, after reading what you endured, my days seems perfect.

      Thanks again,


  2. Rene Latigo says:

    Hola Krista! Want you to know that i\’m Honored to know you and to have you as part of our Spin Group….You bring so much to our class and hands down the best smile! I read your write up, it\’s amazing how strong a woman you are and be able to do be positive about things….God Bless you Always…Eric is a Great Guy, Excelent Couple! Salduos u abrazo… ;)

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