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Summer is here and the kids in my neighborhood keep knocking on my door asking if I can come out and play. #onceateacheralwaysateacher

Since it’s ninety degrees outside I suggested we stay in and bake.

This what they came up with: Unicorn Poop Cookies! What?

I started out with two helpers and by the end of the afternoon I had a houseful. Our cookies didn’t quite turn out like the video but they sure were colorful and delicious!
unicorn cookies colors
unicorn cookie dough
baked unicorn cookie
inside view of unicorn cookie
Of course I had to make a stop at the library for a picture book on unicorns.
We used the recipe links under the video. Be sure to refrigerate or freeze the dough before creating your poop design. If you forget you could end up with a huge mess! Not that I would know. I’m great at following recipes. <big grin>
Changes are coming to this blog! Get ready to be wowed! I’m working with Wheelhouse to give this site a whole new look. On top of that Muza and I are busy making the final changes to ELLE & BUDDY! If all goes well ELLE & BUDDY will be out in August. Yes…this August! Keep an eye on our Facebook page, Elle and Buddy, for updates.

Memorial Day Weekend Books, Videos, and Recipes
I couldn’t stay away. I’m supposed to be on a blogging break…couldn’t do it. In fact, I’ve been so excited with everything that’s happening in my writing life that I’ve had trouble sleeping. And when I can’t sleep, I’m thinking about characters in my YA novel or future blog posts. I love what I do! I can’t not do it…

Let’s BEGIN with some heartwarming videos…

Memorial Day Thoughts
I have a friend who served in WWII and Vietnam. We go out to dinner to his favorite restaurant and he tells me stories of his life. At 18 he was drafted and promised that when he returned from his service his health needs would be taken care of for the rest of his life. The promise was broken. I listen to his painful accounts of what it was like serving in WWII and watching his friends die. I feel his sadness when he tells me that workers at the VA hospital refuse to give him what he needs or tell him they don’t believe he held certain positions during his service in WWII. I love words but words are not action. Instead of simply saying thank you we need to show that we are thankful and take care of our veterans. It can be done. We can fix this.—terrible-memory-lane?xrs=share_copy_email

On to Books
Keeping with the Memorial Day theme, I highly recommend Laurie Halse Anderson’s THE IMPOSSIBLE KNIFE OF MEMORY

Here’s Ms. Anderson’s USA TODAY interview about the book. THE HEART AND THE FIST by Eric Greitens. “Clear-eyed account of a youth devoted to service as a warrior and a humanitarian…A remarkable story told with modesty and grace.”
– Kirkus Reviews

Eric Greitens is the Chief Executive Officer of The Mission Continues. “The Mission Continues empowers veterans facing the challenge of adjusting to life at home to find new missions. We redeploy veterans in their communities, so that their shared legacy will be one of action and service.”

UNBROKEN by Laura Hillenbrand “STAGGERING … MESMERIZING … Any one of the threads in Hillenbrand’s monumental new book could be a page-turner all its own… Hillenbrand’s writing is so ferociously cinematic, the events she describes so incredible, you don’t dare take your eyes off the page.”–People
Now For Some Delicious Memorial Day Weekend Recipes!
Back in 2011 I only gave a hint to this recipes name.  I should have titled my entire post by it’s REAL name. It probably would have gotten a lot of clicks! Someone long ago dubbed this cake– BETTER THAN SEX! You can make it and judge for yourself. <wink>

Here’s the recipe: Great Labor Day Dessert

The BANANA SPLIT ICEBOX CAKE is another great dessert for a Memorial Day party.


I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Ice cream cakes are my favorite! This icebox cake is ridiculously easy to make and delicious. Here’s where I found the original recipe. I changed it up a bit and let’s just say I did it on purpose. It wasn’t a mistake at all…nope…not at all. I meant to mix all the Cool Whip in with the fudge. I’m creative that way. <smile>

Ingredients: Cool Whip (8 oz.), Fudge topping, ice cream sandwiches, chocolate instant pudding mix, Oreos

Pour 1/2 cup of warm chocolate fudge over the Cool Whip.

cropped photo chocolate fudge

Whisk together and then add the box of instant pudding and crushed Oreos. I used about 18 Oreos for the entire cake. Stir.

cropped oreo mixture

Place four ice cream sandwiches side by side on tinfoil.

cropped ice cream

Cover with a layer of the Cool Whip mixture. Add more ice cream sandwiches. Yum!
cropped cake
Add more Cool Whip mixture and decorate with crushed Oreos. Cover the cake with tinfoil and stick it in the freezer for four hours.
inside post cake

I’m taking a blog break while I enjoy time with my wonderful family. I’ll be back sometime next Wednesday or Thursday or Friday…

Meanwhile, follow me on Instagram or Facebook. Congratulations to all the graduates! I love seeing all those smiling faces. Way. To. Go!

Somehow Halloween flew by and I never had a chance to eat one of my favorite treats. Caramel Apples! So, I decided to make them for Easter. I cheated and bought the bag of caramel from the grocery store. Basically, this recipe takes about 15 minutes to make. Wrap the caramel around the apples, pop in the stick, put it in the oven for five minutes and then decorate. Be sure to decorate quickly before the caramel hardens. You can always keep extra caramel warm on the stove to use as you create your apple masterpiece. Enjoy!

Happy Easter and Happy Passover!

I’m taking a short blog break for the holiday. I’ll be back next Wednesday, April 23rd. Cheers! Krista

Arielle and I had to make our Easter treats early this year because this Easter Sunday she’ll be in Boston getting ready for the Boston Marathon! Check out her posts on training for the marathon on NPR.

We decided to try making chocolate Easter eggs/nests/baskets. Try being the key word. Here’s where we got the idea:

As you can see from the picture we had to do some improvising. The white chocolate was easier to work with than the dark. If you use dark chocolate be sure it’s completely set before popping the balloon. If you’re going to leave the chocolate out on the counter to dry I would give it at least two hours. We used bags of dark and white chocolate chips instead of the melts I normally buy for chocolate lollipops. Both will work. The melts dry faster but in my opinion don’t taste as good.

This is how it’s supposed to work.

The bowls can be filled with chocolate mousse, fruit, ice cream, get creative and have fun! Happy Easter!

Here are some of our Easter Treats from previous years. Enjoy!

full carrot cake
Carrot Cake
Easter Cake or Osterfladen Mit Reis

Easter Cookie Nests
Cute Easter Treat

Banana Split Icebox Cake


Healthy Snacks

energy bars and kittens 5 weeks 010

Here are two easy to make nutritious snacks. I’m trying out different recipes to see which ones I like best. The healthy bars are good and the quinoa chocolate drops are great. I’m partial to chocolate. It took me less than an hour to make both treats. I stored them in airtight containers in my fridge and they’re perfect to nosh on in between meals or after a workout.

The recipe for the Quinoa Chocolate Drops I found on:  Instead of rolling the drops in almonds I used unsweetened coconut.

The recipe for the Healthy Bars I found on:
energy bars and kittens 5 weeks 005