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A Christmas I will Always remember

I don’t write too much about my husband, Eric. Here are three things that tell a bit about him: 1. I nicknamed him The Peace Ruiner, and he’s quite proud of it.  His perfect day would begin with Metallica blaring from his alarm, but I nixed that back in our twenties. 2. He’s happy ALL the time! Every day is a great day that he tries to make even better which is really a wonderful way to live. His positive energy inspires me. 3. He’s as stubborn as me! We are two firstborns that like to have our way. When our power is focused for good, we can accomplish great things. When it’s focused against each other, we’re two storms colliding. It’s not pretty.

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It was May of 1990. Eric and I had just met in March, and it was my twentieth birthday. We were living in Los Angeles. He came to my apartment carrying a present. I opened it. He bought me a coffee maker.  I was surprised. My new boyfriend didn’t get me a necklace or earrings. He got me a kitchen appliance. In only a few weeks of dating, he had already learned the important role coffee played in my life. Of course, I thanked him, but in my mind I was wondering if things were going to work out between us. I mean, a coffee maker? Even back then the budding feminist in me (who has grown enormously over the years) did not appreciate a man getting a woman something for the kitchen. Then every morning as I brewed my coffee before work I thought of him. Twenty-five years later that coffee maker holds a special place in my memory. And now he’s the one who does all the buying of our kitchen appliances and handles most of the cooking. I couldn’t care less. So, it was actually a great beginning to our relationship.

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Matching PJ'sHow do you celebrate Christmas?

Here’s how we celebrate…

You can see from the picture our family doesn’t really put much emphasis on the decorating the tree tradition. I keep thinking that one Christmas I’ll choose a theme like Christmas around the world and decorate several trees. Yep, I’m still thinking about that…We do celebrate with matching pj’s!

We Make Cookies!

My favorite are the pizzelles and biscotti. E and E making cookies

Elle making cookies
making cookies
Elle's favorite cookie
We actually means Eric and Arielle. Kai and I eat them. OK, I eat them. Kai can tell me exactly how many calories are in each one. Stupid internet!

We Eat Out!

One place Kai doesn’t count calories is his ultimate favorite restaurant, who has thankfully added some vegetarian options, Carrabbas. We had to have two celebrations this year. One on his birthday and again when his sister came home from college.
Dec 2013 037
Arielle and Kai at Car You know you’re a Rausin if you make a face every time someone pulls out a camera.

We Shop

Now, that my kids are grown they pick out their own gifts. For some reason they don’t trust my fashion sense.
shopping Dec 21 2013

We See Movies

So far we’ve watched Anchorman 2, and The Hobbit. Of course The Hobbit is my favorite. Arielle and I are trying to convince the boys to see Mr. Banks on Christmas. I think they’ll go. They love us.

We Spend Time Together

Christmas has taken on new meaning now that Arielle is away at college most of the year. Christmas is about the four of us sharing time together. We laugh, we eat Eric’s magnificent cooking, I drive everybody crazy with my pictures, we talk about life and goals and we take comfort in our simple traditions like banana stuffed French toast on Christmas morning. Being together is the greatest gift of all!

I wish everyone a very

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Love, The Rausin Family

Christmas 2013

“The present moment is all you ever have. There is never a time when your life is not “this moment.” Eckhart Tolle

Eric and I strolled the aisles of Target searching for the perfect gifts for Arielle and Kai. Both kids had told us one or two things they wanted for Christmas but were pretty nonchalant about the whole gift receiving tradition. We were clueless, asking each other if we thought Kai or Arielle would enjoy the gadget or goodie we spotted on the shelf. Both of us knowing gift cards were really the way to go but how exciting is opening up a gift card? You can’t play with it Christmas morning.

When our kids were little Eric and I would spend an evening at Toys-R-Us filling up our cart giddy with the anticipation of Christmas morning. Kai would be the first up, his stocking already empty by the time the rest of us climbed out of bed. The wonder on the kids faces upon seeing crumbs from cookies left for Santa and all the presents under the tree–it was always a magical morning.

We came home and found Arielle and Kai in the living room watching TV together. Big sister had driven little brother to his favorite restaurant for take-out and a huge Carrabbas bag sat on our counter. That’s when I realized that this was our new magic of Christmas. Before it was about the excitement of Santa and presents. Now, it’s about all of us being together, relaxing and cherishing moments.

Eric began cooking homemade macaroni and cheese and we turned on Sleepless in Seattle. Arielle and I curled up on the couch with our blankets and snacks. The kitchen smelled of melted butter and garlic. The movie made us laugh and Eric cry. In between the clinking of pots and pans there was sniffling and mumbles of, “stupid movie!”

Later we laughed through our delicious dinner then curled back up on the couch for yet another movie. Half way through Arielle had to turn up the volume because Eric and Nahla were snoring in stereo.

When the kids look back on their Christmases the memory of all their presents will have faded. What will remain will be the feelings created from all of us being together, laughing, eating Eric’s cooking, listening to sniffles and snores, and watching love stories while snuggled under blankets on the couch, that’s the magic of Christmas.

It looks like January 5th will be the big day! MYSTIC’s book birthday! The Kindle version will be out the end of January. I’ll keep you posted. I feel as though I’ve climbed a mountain and I’m about to take my final steps to the peak. It’s been an amazing journey.