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Ten years ago I devoured a book entitled BOUND by Donna Jo Napoli. I was a teacher at the time attending a writing conference where Ms. Napoli was the keynote speaker. The novel gripped me. I had to find out who this woman was that wrote so beautifully about a girl named Xing Xing.



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cartoon from Anjali Fb page

The cartoon is from: America’s Disability Rights Museum on Wheels

One reason I love kids so much is because they see the world differently than most adults. Many  children are optimists that live in the moment. they want to understand everything from the caterpillars metamorphosis to why they can’t eat dessert first. I’ve been watching videos of when my kids were little. Seeing their excitement while jumping off the couch or dancing to their favorite song brought me back to a time when I taught them about the wonders in the world and they taught me to see with fresh eyes. Those early years with my children inspired me to become a teacher.

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What a wonderful book launch week! I was overwhelmed with gratitude from everyone’s support. Reading to all the kids was the highlight of my week.

March visit E&B

It’s been an emotional two weeks between the race and the book release. Both life events have taught me the importance of working hard towards a goal and believing in myself.

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It’s here! It’s finally here! Tomorrow March 2nd is the ELLE & BUDDY  book launch! Join us over on the ELLE & BUDDY Facebook page for our virtual launch.

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What a weekend! Arielle and I completed a 15K!

Gasp 2015 Arielle First

My head is still spinning from all the excitement. My legs are happy I’m taking the day off from running. My stomach’s happy because I’ve been celebrating since the 15K and making up for all the calories I burned. And my heart is very happy that I was able to share in a memorable weekend with my daughter.

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ELLE & BUDDY will be out in March and I’m very fortunate to have a team of people working with me to help get  ELLE & BUDDY into the hands of children. For years we’ve traveled with the racing wheelchair and I’ve watched kids and adults gaze at its bright colors, giant wheels, and sleek body. Muza and I have had a lot of fun creating ELLE & BUDDY in hopes of entertaining everyone and giving some information on the history of racing wheelchairs. Of course Muza has also added an extra exciting element to the story. Search for all the geckos and see how many you can find. She’s hid them well.

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