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A Christmas I will Always remember

I don’t write too much about my husband, Eric. Here are three things that tell a bit about him: 1. I nicknamed him The Peace Ruiner, and he’s quite proud of it.  His perfect day would begin with Metallica blaring from his alarm, but I nixed that back in our twenties. 2. He’s happy ALL the time! Every day is a great day that he tries to make even better which is really a wonderful way to live. His positive energy inspires me. 3. He’s as stubborn as me! We are two firstborns that like to have our way. When our power is focused for good, we can accomplish great things. When it’s focused against each other, we’re two storms colliding. It’s not pretty.

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Driving in Cape Coral, especially during the winter, can be an interesting experience. We have drivers from all over the country and around the world. This time of year the roads are crowded!

Not long ago, I was running errands. I had been to the gym, stopped at a local shop to buy Roscoe and Smudge’s  treats and was on my way to the next stop. My holiday music played, the sun was bright, and the decorations lined the street.

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Back in July I wrote about our Celebrity Iron Chef night. The secret ingredient was peaches and each husband (celebrity) was challenged to create an appetizer, entrée and dessert that included peaches. The wives were the judges. Well, by the end of the evening, the wives were so full of delicious peachy treats that one of us (not me) stepped out for some fresh air and took to lying in the driveway just to stretch her stomach. We never got around to judging.

But while we sat around my friend K.’s beautiful table…

We discussed who would host the next Celebrity Iron Chef night. I must have had a little too much wine because I volunteered. Then I said “Oh, I guess if we have it at our house, I’ll have to buy these thingies.” And I pointed to the placemats and napkin rings. This sent my friend K. into hysterics. “Thingies?” She’s never going to forget I said that for the rest of our lives.You see my friend K. is one of those people who always looks perfect, her house is decorated perfect and she is more organized than an elementary teacher on the first day of school. I make her laugh because I’m her opposite.

However, I had to try to impress everyone and buy some of those thingies. As Eric and I shopped for our new holiday dishes I goofed again. I told him it was about time we bought matching dinnerware. We were, after all, grown-ups. Then I started dancing in the aisle to the holiday music. He turned, grinned and said, “Yeah, grown-ups.”

Anyway, I did manage to impress my friend K.

Can someone please move that plate a little to the left? It's crooked.

The secret ingredient was pumpkin. This time each of the husband celebrities chose to create two dishes in order to keep our stomachs from bursting.

I’ll begin with dessert. Kiefer Sutherland, aka my husband Eric, made a pumpkin cheesecake with a bourbon sour cream topping.

He gets extra points because after realizing that the cheesecake had to set overnight - he went to Kai's school performance and then stayed up until 3:30 am. baking. Super dad!

John Travolta recently acquired an ice cream maker. This is what you can make if it’s your birthday and you have your own ice cream maker.

Oreo cookie ice cream cake. Delicious!

For pumpkin Iron Chef night John made pumpkin pie ice cream cake with a graham cracker walnut crust.

Johnny Depp formerly known as Brad Pitt (Apparently Mr. Depp looks “really handsome” with his new short hair) made pumpkin creme brulee.


Ashton decided to opt out of dessert and he created a pumpkin appetizer and entrée which will be featured in the next post.

The evening ended with everyone staying inside this time. With two dishes per chef there was no need to lie down in the driveway. However, there was some snoring from one of the celebrity chefs. I’ll never tell which one.

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