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Happy New Year!

There’s magic in beginnings. A new year brings reflection and hope.

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I was in my hotel room in Illinois. I switched on Book TV and heard a man speaking. His name was Eric Greitens and his words caught my attention.

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Eric Greitens
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He spoke about his Navy Seal training and how one evening they were all standing on the beach watching the sunset. While they stood there they listened to the leaders tell them how difficult the night was going to be. Eric Greitens explained that it was at this moment the greatest number of trainees dropped out of the program. Where previously no more than five trainees gave up during an exercise, that evening on the beach many ran to ring the bell that signified they were done. It wasn’t while the people were performing the task that they gave up. It was while standing still on the beach listening to their superiors tell them the night would be challenging that they made a beeline for the bell. The fear of the unknown caused a greater stress than the actual events that took place during training. This story has been on my mind for several months perhaps because 2012 brought some fear of the unknown for me.

Eric Greitens goes on to say that we all have a front-line in our life and we must learn to face it with courage and compassion. Whether it’s a daughter leaving for college, writing a novel, developing a new positive habit, making a life change, whatever causes fear we must face it and in doing so we learn the meaning of passion and perseverance.

I’m always on the lookout for teachers. People who have lived through life lessons and come out of their experiences with a message of hope and a flame of inspiration for those who are willing to listen. I know that the more I grow as a person the better parent, wife and friend I will be.

Happy New Year!

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